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When fuckwits enter introductory posts and start whining 'Oh, no, a breeder has landed!'

It's strange, most of the time the posts on [community profile] childfree are perfectly reasonable. The majority of the rest are laughable, and what remains is generally boggling. I think I'll admit right now that I wish the loony-toons ones would just stay at [ profile] cf_hardcore and not be bitchy to the parental units who join [ profile] childfree because they are sympathetic to those of us who find bad parents irritating as hell.

*laughs* See [ profile] diea? It was only a matter of time.
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I guess childfree gets wanked rather a lot. I suppose we deserve it.

Thing is, I mostly like to read the medical stuff or legal stuff or the 'Jesus who'd do that to a kid stuff'... I find it curious that the only thing people notice about the childfree comms is the more-or-less comm-specific jargon.

Offended people: You use horribly offensive terms for parents and children!

Childfree: WTF are you doing here, anyway, moron?

Offended people: You've insulted me and my horse!

Childfree: Um, so?

Offended people: Don't you understand that we're offended? Can't you understand why we're offended?

Childfree: Well, since you're not grasping that we're not necessarily talking about you... um. Not really. In our own space we use comm-specific jargon. So what?

Offended people: But... your language is offensive, don't you realize that?

Childfree: This is a society of frustrated people with an internal jargon -- do you realize that we're offended by 'Poor crazy so and so who doesn't want kids?' No? You don't see how it is offensive to expect us to, well, breed even though we may not wish to? The (not always) silent condemnation for not squeezing a football through a cherry stem is offensive? You don't? Oh, sorry, but then I don't listen to you, either, when you're using words and phrases I find hurtful about my (chosen lack of) fertility. You're welcome to do the same.

Offended people: But it's dehumanizing to talk about people in terms of bodily functions! Why don't you use bitch, asshole, etc., instead?

Childfree: I suppose it's too much for you to understand that certain words are specific subsets of bitch, asshole, brat, and/or twat, right?

Offended people: It's mean!

Childfree: Have you even noticed that you're on a goddamn wanking comm? An offshoot of the one that proudly procalims to eat it's own using a flipping hive vagina? Just as you don't care if I'm offended by my comm being wanked, I really could give a rats decomposing, maggot infested ass about your opinion of our internal jargon. Which, btw, I happen to think sucks ass but at least I don't delude myself that insulting parents is somehow worse than insulting people with actual retardation every time I (or anyone else) uses words like idiot, moron, dumbshit, dipshit, dumbfuck, fucktard, asstard, ad nauseam, ad infinitum. At the very least, I'm not being a hypocrite about saying some slurs are 'better' than others. They're all unkind generalizations about people one generally doesn't actually know.


And they wonder why the childfree complain about the cult of the mommy and daddy. It's okay to call someone a fuckwitted pedophilic rodent-raper, but not call a child a crotch-dropping or a female parent a moo, or a male parent a duh, or shorten 'breeder-not-parent' to breeder.

I'm not sure I'll ever understand that.


Aug. 18th, 2005 01:51 pm
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You do not, I repeat, do not euthanize an animal because your children are "naughty."

If your chidren are tormenting an animal, it is guaranteed to be snappish. Take it to a shelter and give it a chance of a loving home!

*feels ill*
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There are morons in Wisconsin who think that making contraceptives illegal is the way to go about making abortion illegal.

Apparently they don't get that given no other choice, women will use abortion as a form of contraception. It's pretty much a given. So... by making contraceptives illegal they will automatically boost the number of abortions in their state.

This. Is. Stupid.

I've ranted about pharmasists refusing to fill contraceptive prescriptions before -- it makes me incredibly angry. Many, many women take 'the pill' for medical reasons having nothing to do with the contraceptive aspect, that is merely a bonus.

But this simply doesn't matter, apparently. Everything must be done to protect a potential fetus, even when it isn't a fetus yet.

Dear Representative LeMahieu )
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about feminism and being childfree. This all starts with a note in [ profile] childfree about a thread on [ profile] feminist regarding some of the names and such the CF use about parents and children. I'm not going to go over the the whole thing other than to say:

1. I do have problems with some of the name calling. On the other hand, I don't seem much difference between the term 'breeder' and 'asstard.' Some of the terms I find funny -- like baby-rabies, which I have known people to be afflicted with and have felt quite puzzled by.

2. Hatred and fanaticism, no matter where you find it is scary. Duh. I'm still human and occasionally afflicted by such things.

Anyhoo, [ profile] blueskycomplex said something interesting. )
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Why the hell would anyone want to emulate Mary Kay Laterneau?

And with multiple fourteen year old boys. Ick.

Found via [ profile] realisticparent which, in turn, was found through [ profile] childfree when someone asked about communities that might be good for parents that *do* get it.
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I see all kinds of kids in my job, but if I'd seen this, there'd've been an instant call to 911 before I interrupted, because, [insert deity or other exclamation of choice here] that's just scary!.

My child wants that, give it to him/her/it?

Lady, I don't think so.
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*gapes blankly*

I think there are better places to hide guns, don't ya think?

Found, once again, on [ profile] childfree


Jun. 17th, 2005 12:12 am
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Thanks to [ profile] zannechaos for seeing this on [ profile] childfree and pointing it out.

...Define selfish...

I've never personally been confronted with the line 'You're selfish if you don't want kids' thing, although I've run into others who have. It's a sad thing, I think, to value genetic propogation over everything else.
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Dunno if y'all have seen this, as it all begins with a man whining about his toddler on

The kid bites. In more ways than one )
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I recently joined [ profile] childfree in interest of a wank, as I recall, and also because I am single, without children and without the desire for children. Sometimes it's nice to have a place to bitch about things those with progeny inflict on those without. matter.

Today we were met with a tale in which a young woman's family tried to beat her into accepting guardianship for minor children that she did not feel herself able to take (if/when I get permission, I'm going to copy the text of it, but I'll warn you, it's horrifying... also, you can join CF to read it if you wish).

I've a couple of errands to run and will have more to say later, but I am sickened and outraged by this.

There are no words, none, for what was done to this young woman.
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