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Twitfuckery. Isn't it a neat word?

Twitfuckery was used to describe this incredible piece of omg what the FUCK?

For anyone linkophobic: )
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...and f-ing skids all over the bloody place.

Dan Newell, who briefly made the national spotlight last year was quietly given a light slap on the wrist and told to 'Go fourth and sin no more, you naughty boy.' )

Dan Newell is a public servant, a man in a position of authority over children in a small community. He should be held to higher standards than this. A deferred sentence is utter bullshit in this case. He plead Washington State's version of nolo contendre because he'd have been found guilty. They're letting him get away with saying "I won't admit to guilt, I can't be called guilty legally, because I didn't plead guilty and wasn't found guilty, but I know that I'd get hit with fines and stuff if I just let the whole thing go... but I want to keep my pension and keep setting a sterling example of justice and honor for the children of my community!"

Giving him a deferred sentence means that if he manages to keep his nose clean for a year, the official charges will be dropped. The whole thing blows over, and a man who has no buisness being the principal of the high school gets to continue with his life as though nothing had ever happend.

Several kids, at least one of which was over eighteen, were sacrificed to protect the reputation of a woman craven enough to run from the community instead of standing and saying she was wrong to allow her daughter to move out with her boyfriend when she was 15/16 years of age... craven enough to say "Well, if it's the difference between my daughter and I being charged with something or not... sure, Danny-boy called me and warned me. Go after him. I'm innocent in all of this, really."

And, apparently, this is all okay -- with the courts, with the kids who still worship him, with the school board that hems and haws, with the teachers that defend him and his 'kindness', with the parents who fail to demand his resignation.

What is wrong with these people? With this community? How can they just say... "Well, I guess it was just a little bad decisio nmaking. No worries! He'll not do it again, and your kids won't take it to mean that it's okay to break the law when you can say you're pure of heart... maybe."
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Stupidity of my own: I seem to have lost my driver's license. I had it last week when I had to get something notarized. I recall putting the stupid thing in my purse. Where it has gone, only it and other runaway licenses would know. This is very frustrating because I was going to rent a moving van to help my sister (well, she always says stepsister, but that's mostly because she finds it a more affectionate term than sister -- her blood relatives are... interesting) move. Now I can't as I'm not carrying my valid license. The DOL won't be open until tomorrow, so I can't get a temp until then. Argh! And, I suspect, it will be like your average credit card... it'll show up as soon as my new one arrives.

BAH!!!!! At least I've still got my old license so getting the new one shouldn't take much time. Really sucky is I have to renew it next year and I've already gotten a replacement license once this year. *sighs*

Stupidity of others: Bernina/GE Money Bank/Philips and Cohen Law Firm-Collection Agency. LJ cut for length, because I ramble when I'm mad, as you all well know. )
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I guess childfree gets wanked rather a lot. I suppose we deserve it.

Thing is, I mostly like to read the medical stuff or legal stuff or the 'Jesus who'd do that to a kid stuff'... I find it curious that the only thing people notice about the childfree comms is the more-or-less comm-specific jargon.

Offended people: You use horribly offensive terms for parents and children!

Childfree: WTF are you doing here, anyway, moron?

Offended people: You've insulted me and my horse!

Childfree: Um, so?

Offended people: Don't you understand that we're offended? Can't you understand why we're offended?

Childfree: Well, since you're not grasping that we're not necessarily talking about you... um. Not really. In our own space we use comm-specific jargon. So what?

Offended people: But... your language is offensive, don't you realize that?

Childfree: This is a society of frustrated people with an internal jargon -- do you realize that we're offended by 'Poor crazy so and so who doesn't want kids?' No? You don't see how it is offensive to expect us to, well, breed even though we may not wish to? The (not always) silent condemnation for not squeezing a football through a cherry stem is offensive? You don't? Oh, sorry, but then I don't listen to you, either, when you're using words and phrases I find hurtful about my (chosen lack of) fertility. You're welcome to do the same.

Offended people: But it's dehumanizing to talk about people in terms of bodily functions! Why don't you use bitch, asshole, etc., instead?

Childfree: I suppose it's too much for you to understand that certain words are specific subsets of bitch, asshole, brat, and/or twat, right?

Offended people: It's mean!

Childfree: Have you even noticed that you're on a goddamn wanking comm? An offshoot of the one that proudly procalims to eat it's own using a flipping hive vagina? Just as you don't care if I'm offended by my comm being wanked, I really could give a rats decomposing, maggot infested ass about your opinion of our internal jargon. Which, btw, I happen to think sucks ass but at least I don't delude myself that insulting parents is somehow worse than insulting people with actual retardation every time I (or anyone else) uses words like idiot, moron, dumbshit, dipshit, dumbfuck, fucktard, asstard, ad nauseam, ad infinitum. At the very least, I'm not being a hypocrite about saying some slurs are 'better' than others. They're all unkind generalizations about people one generally doesn't actually know.


And they wonder why the childfree complain about the cult of the mommy and daddy. It's okay to call someone a fuckwitted pedophilic rodent-raper, but not call a child a crotch-dropping or a female parent a moo, or a male parent a duh, or shorten 'breeder-not-parent' to breeder.

I'm not sure I'll ever understand that.
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Our not-necessarily-beloved leader has an opportunity to appoint another justice to the Supreme court.

I think this sucks.

I think it has the potential to be fucking dangerous.

Thank you, oh so-called moral majority, for returning the lobotomized boxwood to office. I hope you're happy.

I still say the man's foreign policy, fanaticism, and general apparent stupidity is more than enough to have voted against him, even if you were opposed to gay marriage and abortion. The way he squandered the good will of the world is criminal.

Dear President Bush: You suck and Cheney swallows. Your overinflated egos are large enough to block the sun and kill the rest of the plant life on Earth. The next 3 and 1/4 years simply cannot pass fast enough. )


Many thanks to for plant names ;)
vasaris: (cuddle cthulhu! by Vasaris) why do people assume that I have the power to change things?

As I've mentioned before, I work in a gas station on the US/Canadian border (huzzah!blah). Often we get people who are lost, confused, and in need of a restroom.

On the whole, these people are good for laughs and for pounding your head into a brick wall at least a few dozen times a day. )
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...are occasionally horrifying.

And that's not scary just for the woman who thinks that taking a birth control pill every other day will accomplish anything other than wasting money and resources. It's funny that I was talking about reproductive rights just a little bit ago because this scares me almost as much as the government deciding that you damn well better be fertile if you're gonna get married...

I suppose that what I just ran across is some kind of punishment for the fact I'm almost never home for the news anymore and the local paper is such utter crap I'm unwilling to waste 50 cents on it, but...

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I'm honored, someone actually read and commented on my previous gay-marriage entry.

*gets all starry-eyed and makes google-eyes at [ profile] sabonsai*

Which led to another rant, which led to me making said rant a new journal entry because... well, it got long. And went a couple of places I wasn't really expecting.

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