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Wow. I seem to have acquired a troll over on JournalFen because, apparently, [ profile] ari_o should apologize for labeling people. Again. That's what, three or four statements calling [ profile] ari_o evil and/or demanding an apology on behalf of several million unaware Bush supporters?

...and [ profile] kokopoko called me a fanatic. All of this childish inisitence over whether or not liberals think conservatives are nuts and vice versa.


If [ profile] ari_o apologizes, I'm gonna thump her with a wet noodle. Really.
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Just out of curiosity, why do people think that having someone say "I think such-and-thus was an idiotic thing to do" translates as an attack upon them directly?

Today, [ profile] ari_o made the statement:

If you voted for Bush - I think you're a fucking idiot.

Face it, every anti-Bush voter in the US is thinking the same thing. Some are saying it, some are gaping in disbelief at the polls, some are curled up in their closets wishing the next four years would pass in an eye-blink. It's a gross overgeneralization, sure, but, hey, it's the day after the election and some of us are fucking angry that George W. Bush has managed to lead a large number of blind sheep off of a very steep fucking cliff, carrying the rest of us with them.

[ profile] kokopoko takes offense. She lists, very briefly, her reasons for voting for Bush:

I voted against Kerry because Kerry has no spine, no conviction and we need a strong leader right now. I also am pro-life. Otherwise I agree with the Democdratic notions of gay marriage, saving the environment, etc. But I voted for Bush.

And then wails that the fact some of us think she's stupid and are unwilling to try and understand her POV makes us horrible, horrible people.

[ profile] kokopoko Get. Over. Yourself.

Yes, I think that your reasoning is flawed. If you prefer, I'll call you a fool instead of an idiot, but the meaning is still the same. You've a host, apparently, of social issues that you think are important, but none so important as Roe v. Wade. Kerry's record in Vietnam, apparently, is more important to you than Bush's record in Iraq, and, I don't know if you've noticed, the War in Iraq is going on right now.

Do I think that voting for Bush was stupid? Of course. I'd've voted for the National Socialist Worker's Party before voting for Bush, and given my feelings about them, that's really saying something.

That's my opinion. I've a right to it. Feel free to think I'm an idiot for it. Feel free to call me an idiot for it. It's a free country, or so I'm told. I've the right to say what I think (such as, yes, many Democrats are loudmouthed assholes, so what?), [ profile] ari_o has a right to say what she thinks (which includes the stupidity of humans in general and Bush supporters in particular) and you have the right to say what you think, [ profile] kokopoko.

That's the glory of the First Amendment.
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And it's yours, Mr. Bush.

Well. Fuck.

Mr. Bush, being elected does not make you any less of a fucktard. It simply convinces me that those of us who work in customer service are right. The average American is a fucking MORON.

Over in [ profile] ari_o's journal, [ profile] kokopoko reveals that, y'know, the issue of abortion is more important than everything else facing the country. Also, Kerry's a spineless toad because, y'know, he stood up for what he believed in, even when it was unpopular, yo.

In other news, I do think it's great that voter turnout was as high as it was, even if the majority of people were, apparently, foolish people who think that Mr. Bush, who has aimed the bright red Corvette of our country at the edge of the Grand Canyon, is driving us in the right direction.

My only consolation is that it's four years. That's not forever, although it sure seems like it right now.

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