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It's bad enough that overplay on the radio destroys good songs, when they overplay songs that are bad, it's torture.

Dear Adele:

Regarding "Someone Like You":

So, you found out that your ex has moved on, gotten married, and is happy, so you feel the need to... what, show up on his doorstep and remind him that you're not over your previous relationship. Oh, well, you'll just find a clone of him, or something, and eventually get happiness out of your life someday. Because he's no longer available and is happy without you.

Get some therapy you creepy, irrational jerk.

This song is not romantic. It has no pathos, nor tragedy. What it is is whiny, creepy, and stalkery. It has a boring melody (yes, Adele, you have a nice voice, but it doesn't matter when the music itself sucks). There is, IMO, absolutely no redeeming feature to the lyrics (may I reiterate: He's happy, so you cannot help but go visit in the hopes that you will ruin it with the knowledge that you can't get over yourself Self-involved much? Seriously, if MY ex showed up being creepy and 'brokenhearted' and WTF-ever, I'd be 'shy' and contemplating calling the cops. OF COURSE HE DOESN'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU. A card would have been more than sufficient to wish him well, and even then likely more than he wanted from you. Geez.)

Shut up about your emotional inadequacies. Not only do I not care, I'm hovering around the desire to burn you in effigy.

Why the hell is this song popular? Do people really identify with 'OMG, HOW DARE YOU MOVE ON AND BE HAPPY?' I really have to ask?

*checks out wikipedia* *laughs*

Apparently no one actually listens to the lyrics. If deciding that you'll just have to go find 'someone like you' in order to be happy, you haven't come to terms with jack shit. Never mind the creepy-stalkery-badness of your supposed actions during the course of the song.

I suppose it's as well that the wiki article was good for a laugh, because hearing you on the radio almost universally sets my head on fire.

-- Me.
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The situation is bad enough, but if you honestly think that it doesn't reek of entitlement those are some shiny rose-colored goggles.

The basic situation is: Daughter calls mother to ask for her late father's wedding band to use in her upcoming wedding. This is kind of sweet, right? She wants to use her father's ring to give her new husband as some kind of continuance/heirloom. That's cool -- you don't usually see that in the men's rings.

Except, no -- she calls mom to say 'Mom, I want to melt my father's ring down to have material components for my fiance's ring.'

Apparently the fact that Mom has continued on with life and has since re-married, she should have no problem with this. Except -- no, not so much. Yes, she's moved on, but she keeps both his ring and the wedding set she wore when married to him as part of the few mementos of that life. It doesn't matter if they live in a box, or sit out in her jewelry case, or if they have a creepy shrine somewhere -- she's holding on to them as part of her memories. This woman was understandably shocked by the very idea of melting down her first husband's ring in order to forge a new one.

On the whole the reaction of the comm was on the 'OMG WTF?' scale, but there's a couple of 'Well, it's not like she didn't go out and get a new husband' and 'I don't see how it's entitled to ask to destroy something that belongs to someone else. I mean, did the LW explain that she's distressed by the idea of destroying it?'

Okay, really? Does she have to explain being disturbed by destroying it. Really? If someone said to me '[ profile] vasaris, your mom has been dead for five years. I think we should take that masterpiece quilt she made apart for the scrap fabric and beads.' I'd be really, really horrified.

The ring was presumably important to the LWs husband and is important to her even if she doesn't worship it on a daily basis. I cannot conceive of going 'gee, she's only asking for something you're not using anyway, why get so shirty about it?'

Add the bit where the daughter also went 'Oh, and you're leaving me your first wedding ring set in you will, right' doesn't really give the 'I want these things as mementos of you when you're gone' vibe. It gives the 'I don't care about you, I care about your valuables' vibe.
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I think that all e-courses that should be named "How to be a manipulative asshole and not be noticed" should be played as drinking games. I'm seriously considering using such as a method to get completely hammered this weekend. Or some equivalent. Also, it's an easy way to cheat ones way to 40+ hours of "training."

I just wish it didn't make me feel so dirty. Seriously, are people supposed to fall for this crap?

I'm coming to the conclusion that a high(ish) IQ means living a life where its hard to believe people are this dense.


Nov. 13th, 2010 12:22 am
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Dear Dispatcher:

Why, yes, the correct response to 'I can't read any of the invoices you sent me' is to say 'I'll fax immediately' and follow through. Why do you ask?

The 'OMG are you serious?', while not necessary, was appreciated since your cohorts earlier this evening were unable to recognize the gravity (akin to that of Saturn, perhaps, rather than Jupiter -- the driver is not due at the border for a couple of days, after all, but we *are* closed weekends) of the situation.

-- Vasaris, the "ever-amazed by the pure galaxy of, er, intelligence displayed by your company" and "demonstrating a complete inability to spell" Fuzzy Dragon.

AKA: When the broker for your entries states "I'm not doing an entry until I have paperwork I can read", you should probably believe them.


Aug. 23rd, 2009 04:23 pm
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Of the things that I've heard for why an entry has to be exported directly back to Canada, the winner is (and probably will always be):

"My driver's license has been revoked in California."

How that guy got a job driving a truck... well, it's a mystery.

But today's entry for "Oooookay, what?" for reasons to direct export goods:

"I forgot that I had CDs on my truck, not bathroom tissue."

Ranks pretty highly, too.

Seriously. They forgot that they hadn't stopped to pick up the right load. I mean, I've found myself on the way home before realizing I meant to stop at the grocery store, and all, but... if I forget, maybe I have to scrounge for dinner. As the driver of a commercial vehicle, you're more likely to get Customs to seize the goods on your vehicle, order a body cavity search, and possibly arrest/fine you for smuggling. I could be wrong, but that's a consequense I'd really rather avoid.
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Who knew?

Okay, I can understand being irritated by my spouse purchasing and engraving headstones without talking to me. As the one potentially being interred I'd want him to talk to me about it, but FFS people, for all we know they were having 2-for-1 day at the grave statuary place or the funeral home/cemetary offered good rates on the "prepay for your funeral" insurance and he thinks he's being a good guy by dealing with something many people don't want to even contemplate.

Seriously, Jan and I were talking about this a couple of days ago: it's just common sense to plan ahead and spare your relatives and friends. For me there's the obvious issue of having no close blood kin *at all*, for her it's sparing her children, but in any case at all it's about not burdening people who have just been handed a horrible shock both the need -- and expense -- of dealing with your corpse. Yes, it's morbid, but for love of all things holy (and possibly not so holy) it's not somehow evil to, oh, buy a headstone for a grave plot that's already been purchased, for the person who supposedly is going to use it.

*iz completely boggled*

And, yes, I'm very unsympathetic in reply to the post. The woman isn't complaining of being afraid, indicating that she's being abused, or anything of the sort. She's complaining that her pet alpha male is doing alpha male type things after a lifetime of living with said alpha male. I suspect him to be an old school alpha male, which means he may have tendencies toward being what I, somewhat generously, call "being a gender-biased donkeybong." Still, he's an alpha male (probable) head of household trying to look out for her and any children by paying for funerary expenses in advance.

I don't think it's surprising or even disturbing. Would it be irritating that she wasn't consulted? Sure, especially with the expense of a headstone (which, one notes, she could probably arrange to be shipped elsewhere to be used if she doesn't want to be interred where she is) but FFS, if she doesn't know that he's an old-style alpha male after 37 years, she needs to pull her head out of her nether regions. If she doesn't like the arrangements he's made, she needs to make her own instead of blathering about him being himself.

(and, yes, I'm trying to moderate my swearing, because we have recently been forbidden to do so at work. Boo. So, if donkey is another word for ass, does anyone have a good replacement for hole? Although I kind of like the flow of "donkeybong." It glides nicely off the tongue, what with the vowels and all.)
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