Jun. 29th, 2013

vasaris: (cuddle cthulhu! by Vasaris)
Or, possibly, watching the fallout of a marathon filibuster where someone actually had to talk. But that, literally, is another post.
vasaris: (cuddle cthulhu! by Vasaris)
This has been a remarkable week for feminine badassery -- whether one agrees with Texas State Senator Wendy Davis or not, it seems to me that one has to be impressed by any person who can talk for 11.5 hours and stay on topic (because the times they said she wasn't on topic -- it's only off topic if you're an ingorant twit), do so without water, food, or a bathroom break, and still look like they're willing (and able) to take on the world. Texas State Senator Leticia Van de Putte's pointed -- and timely -- comment still makes me smile. And Rep. Duckworth? She is a warrior goddess whose disguise as a double leg amputee does not work very well. I will never believe she is anything other than Adrasteia incarnate.

But this isn't about women being badass and awesome and amazing, this is about a man poorly representing his sex, gender, and political party. )
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