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Originally posted by [ profile] elfs at Evolution has an announcement to make
In a public press announcment, a spokesbeast for Evolution gave the following statement:
Recent news reports show that support for evolution has fallen below 50% among members of the Republican Party. Due to this, Evolution has decided to drop any support it currently gives to the Republican party. Evolution will not work on or for Republicans, and Republicans will cease evolving.

Evolution would like to remind Republicans that species that cannot, or will not, evolve in environments as dynamic as the American electorate quickly go extinct. Eventually, should the Republican party continue to avoid Evolution, the Republican party will be remembered only by its old and mouldy fossils.

Can't help it, I've got to giggle. I want to be as awesome as [ profile] elfs when I grow up.

Date: 2013-12-31 02:04 pm (UTC)
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This should be on [ profile] metaquotes.

I read this same article yesterday. I cannot understand how we are still having this discussion. Genesis is a metaphor, people! Do you know what a metaphor is?

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nice article boz

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