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I would remake the world in my image.

Okay, no, not so much.

Were I a D&D character, I'd pick Miracle. Primarily because it has the same effect as Wish but without the negatives. High level clerics are kind of awesome. Except when they die. Oh, wait. That character is only 8th and we managed to fix it. She was only a little bit dead. There's still hope for the awesome.

In real life? Something a spell that is small and viral, that would go person to person. A little something that makes everyone stop and think before saying the unkind word; that shines a bit of perspective on the unkind thought. A little something that, when you have received the benefit of the doubt, makes you give it; that when you receive forgiveness makes you forgive in turn and be mindful of the effect you have on others. Something that spreads contentment when we are content, and joy where we find joy; love that reflects a thousandfold, and brings hope, no matter how dark the day or black the night. Acceptance for acceptance; tolerance for tolerance; the agreement to agree to disagree and to search for common ground.

I think this kind of thing should be a highly contagious airborne disease. Goodness knows I wouldn't mind catching it.

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